Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A Late Start

Let's face it, I'm procrastinating. I sat down to try and coax chapter 4 away from the jealous boyfriend that is Writer's block, instead I got distracted by the sight of my writing diary and decided to open up this little blog.

So yes, I'm actually slightly nervous to open Steam (Oh yes it has a title, just not a 4th chapter) and try to write because I've fallen down on this chapter so many times. My problem is a simple but annoying one, I know exactly what I want to write, I can see the images in my mind, but the words are being illusive. I suppose it's somewhat like sitting down to paint a masterpiece and realising that you've just run out of blue paint, and everything needs blue paint.

I keep resolving to just write the chapter badly and fix it later... but pride wont let me, and I know I won't move on until I'm happy with it.

It's not all bad though, I had a rather good day yesterday... after my 3 hours of sleeping and 2 hours of dosing. Standing at the bus-stop in weather that is best described as 'November' and fighting to stay awake though my lectures......yes, after all that I had a rather nice evening. A rather nice musician (I know! University stereotype, but I don't care) took me to see A Christmas Carol, which I didn't expect to enjoy quite as much as it did. It was a very good production, I didn't expect the singing but the carols were a really nice touch to a really very good production.

One good thing about seeing a musician - you get to leave these things singing and they (far from being annoyed) join in ;)

Hmm, Not bad for a first post


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