Saturday, 17 December 2011

German Expansions and Brummie Rain

So now I'm home for Christmas, I've set myself these two weeks to do 2 essays, force chapter 4 out and generally hang out and be awesome with brummie buddies :)

the coach trip was longer than it should have been... though I slept through the last hour. There's a magical switch in my brain that sees traffic and sets me into sleep mode, somewhat like closing the lid on my Lappy :) Anyway, you know you've been gone too long when you drive into digbeth, taking the less-that-scenic route and start thinking 'I fucking love Birmingham!' but hey ho.

The Frankfurt Christmas market is massive this year. It's pretty much doubled in size and starts out side The Bullring. It's officially Christmas - I've eaten a pretzel  (:D woo) in the rain (less woo).

Anyway that's about it, in my oh so eventful life :)

Merry Christmas

PS - There was a PS but I can't remember what it was

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