Monday, 31 December 2012

A Year Gone By

This has really been a year of growth for me, last September I arrived in this strange tiny city and for the first time in my life I was truly alone. I knew no one, and the people I met in the first few weeks were short lived friendships - Emily, Coralie and Chloe were fairly good friends while that friendship lasted but that friendship was poisoned in the last few months, it is a shame but it really does sum up the last year: One of Love and Loss

I'd say it wasn't until Ravenstor that I really started to connect with people. People being Leo (and through Leo, Deanna, Hayley and Amy) who isn't very good and manoeuvring muddy hills in the dark. We name our kick sampling net "Annette" (as in A-Net) because we are extremely clever people ... and perfectly normal.. even if Leo does 'speak' to sheep.

By Halloween I was flirting shamelessly (and very unsubtly) was a Mr Sam Harrison, who's method of  wooing me was to have me do his make-up at L4 for Halloween ... I'm actually amazed that it worked... what he couldn't see sitting there with his eyes closed was the silent mockery of Emily, Coralie and Chloe... ahh that was a good night....

Until I punched some masked guy for scaring me and Mike sang a song about me crapping myself.

I don't like masks. Never used to bother me, but now they freak me right out.

November signalled a transition from flirting to 'dating' (Sam doesn't date - he kidnaps poor girls in the middle of the night) and a trip to London to see Within Temptation with Mia (of The Islanders) and co. I met Tess and Silv while waiting for the music to start (at the front, on the barrier - naturally). I spent the rest of my weekend with Hazel and Alan, before attempting to get the train back to Lincoln.... I say attempting because there were signal failures that caused huge delays so there were not trains from Newark to Lincoln by the time I got there... and my phone died... I nice (he actually turned out quite creepy but at the time he was nice) man let me use his phone to see if I could get Sam to come a fetch me. He did. I got home safe and sound. Mission accomplished.

The next highlight of the year was Paris with Carol, Sari, Alex and Nightwish! Carol and I stayed in a hotel in Newcastle the night before the flight, had a nice meal and a bottle of Red (and a little vodka) and got ready for the epic trip ahead. Poor Carol had to share a room with me the the whole trip - I don't know how she managed! We met up with our Bird in Paris and went to disney land... where it was fucking cold! I bought a new Nightmare Before Christmas hoodie and proceeded to eat everything in site!

The next day we met up wish Sari in the pouring rain and went to fetch out passes from Ewo (ie we followed CC because she seemed to know what was going on.... I was getting hungry) who took pitty on us poor drowned rats and bought us into the sound check... some of the crew were playing badminton, I kinda wanted to join in :D

We finally met the boss man for the first time.. and he couldn't understand a word I said ... oh well... the guys were awesome, Troy especially but that's just fellow Brit favouritism. People got rather sloshed after the show, Tuomas couldn't remember where he put his drink once he put it down (which wasn't that often) and the Jager hunt that ensued after Tuomas moved 3 ft from the bottle was amusing to watch - Carol wasn't in a much better state, turns out our CC is a generous drunk she paid for a taxi for 4 people and told Sari to keep the change.

We landed in Newcastle and I had some Chinese at Carol's while Sam came to pick me up, I fell asleep on the way home. It was a good trip.

Summer marked much drama and frustration, most of which is water under the bridge so I wont go into it. But At one point I was Crying on Steph and Kirsty at the Brewer, I know I say it a lot but I really do love you guys to bits. Just having awesome people like you in my corner during the shittier parts of this year means more to me than I can adequately express.

The breakfast club were playing at the Olympics... and another trip to London where me and Hazel got mightily pissed off by many tiny things. And had a lovely rant on the tube.

My Mom got married at the start of September, and I met Sam's sister Liz in Birmingham (all the best people are Liz's) it was a good night at the pub. The wedding was fun, Sam's socially awkward soon died when alcohol was applied and he ended up playing guitar outside after the DJ finished. The hotel room was lovely :) I like staying in hotels.

Later in September the story of Liz&Sam came to an end. I got dumped and just about everyone was angry with Sam except for me. Rachel and Leo came to look after me, and Emily, Coralie and Chloe arrived back at the house just as I was txting them. The next couple of weeks sucked big time, I didn't know anyone on my new course, so once again I was alone. It felt like I'd come full circle.

One thing I did still have was my friendship with Sam which I was carefully constructing and all the people I'd met over the last 12 months. But things with the house mates started to break down, Chloe would have a go at me for speaking to Sam (still doesn't actually make sense, but I think she was trying to look out for me) which started to alienate me from them, and we ended up all having a huge fall out which it doesn't look like we're going to recover from.

Mike kept checking up on me, which made everything so much easier - I realised that I didn't have to worry too much about losing the wonderful people I'd met through Sam just because we weren't together. The only person who decided I wasn't worth knowing on my own merit was Cairan, I didn't expect it and it really pissed me off at the time. 

Eventually I stopped pretending to be over Sam and actually got over him and things got a whole lot easier. I met a shit ton of people through Hayley and Amy and Deanna - including a Miss Susie Moffatt who is coming on a Halestorm adventure with me in the new year.

I slowly started to realise that the fake confidence I used to put on had been replaced by a real sense of self reliance, and strength. In a way I think getting dumped was exactly what I need to metamorphose into the person I am. Hazel's been telling me for ages that I've changed and it's only recently that a can see it in myself.

November saw Nightwish round 2, with Rozzy, Alex D and Carol. There's a rather ammsing picture of me and T laughing at a noise Emppu made - the little troll. Floor absolutely blew me away! If she doesn't stay with the band full time I might have to throw a bit of a tantrum!

Not much has happened this month (other than my previous blog post) I met some more people at The Scene who I hope to see more of in the new year!

Now I'm just looking forward to the adventure 2013 is sure to bring! 

Happy New Year everyone,

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