Sunday, 9 December 2012

Money, Crazies and Pervy Santas

Well then... today has been eventful. So eventful that I'm actually coming back to this blog for the first time in almost a year!

At 10am D.R.U.G.S woke me up with the lovely tune of Graveyard Dancing, I'd be annoyed but I'd told them (via my phone alarm) that I really must get up because I had a job interview. It was about this point that I realized that I had absolutely no smart clothes to wear to such an event since I've lost a fair bit of weight in the last few months.

Much procrastination and a little walking later I've arrived at Wren Kitchen's on Tritton road about half an hour early (very not like me) and soon realise that they'd already decided to give me this job despite having absolutely no sales experience what-so-ever and my covering email having consisted of about 2 lines of ... well I'd call it bullshit... but it was more gilded truth than anything. So now for January (maybe February and if they really like me they might make me permanent) I have a job that pays £100 a week, plus £30 for every converted kitchen lead and £15 for bedrooms. Not bad.

I went to chat with the designers while the manager printed off some paper work for HR, and they seem like a group of people I could very easily get on with. May have ended up singing The Sound of Silence to them... not entirely sure why it came into conversation but they couldn't remember what it went like and told me to sing it... so I did... I've been brave lately.

After this interview I went to see Leo as we'd decided she was coming round town in her Star Trek uniform - this idea evolved on the way into both of us going to the Christmas market and I was to wear my Jean Grey Phoenix costume ... I phoned Matt trying to get him to join us in his Dr Who costume (would have been beyond epic) but he said he was working... probably better for his sanity, me and Leo together can be a little bit crazy at times.

The first thing we saw (when we recovered from the hill) was Santa and his reindeer and elf helpers! Now this is where I get traumatized. Obviously we had to have a picture with Santa in out costumes...
Notice his hand placement... creepy old man. It's a testament to my facial control that you can't see me thinking "What the fuuuuck?! Move your hand! Oh my god why?!" Leo was blissfully unaware of my groping until we looked at the pictures in the pub. Pervy Santa :(

On our way round the market toward the medieval part with the swords we ran into Del who may have given us the idea that a sword fight in Castle Square dressed like this would be fucking awesome... people really shouldn't give us ideas, it's a damn good thing we couldn't afford weapons!

At the medieval market there were some frankly beautiful cloaks (that I will buy when I have money.. so next year!) that I was alowed to try on so long as I did a twirl... I don't know how anyone can resist twirling in a cloak! I really want it... it was green - went with my dress!

By now we were freezing our delicate little backsides off  and headed to the Shed for some noms and a quick drink. Elf was on the TV with subtitles, which Leo narrated loudly and shamelessly until one of the bar staff told us off.

Leo went to walk her dog, I came home, Leo came here, we watched How To Train Your Dragon and ate some chocolate.

All in all an awesome day...

Still traumatised from getting touched by Santa though

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