Saturday, 9 February 2013

Bithdays and Equality!

 As some of you may know, feb 8 was my 20th. And I'm a bit of an insomniac at times, I think I might have gotten an hour and a half - 2 hours sleep!

But I was productive in my insomnia: I wrote my last blog post, and realised I could help out with an event about something extremely important - Equality in Marriage! It was about 5am when Ruth mentioned the sound issue and I said "I can probably fix that"

So the fist thing I did on my birthday (when the sun was up) was text Sam to get him to bring his gear and phone the Magna Carta pub to beg use of a plug socket! Huge props to those guys (pub guys and Sam) for supporting this on such little notice!

Right, so that was sorted! Awesome - time to laze about and gather energy for a killer night out..and Oooh! The post man has a box! A box! Is it for me? Yes, yes it was! Sari had sent me some Toffee Vodka for my birthday :)

I got changed and went to Susie, Amy, Hayley and Deanna's house (same house) to borrow tights, drink a little and prat about! I ended up adding an awesome mask (stolen off Amy) and some pretty dramatic eye shadow (Susie's) and I looked awesome! haha I'll add photo's when I get them!

Onwards to The Shed where we met some people and I wasn't allowed to buy my own drinks, and then to The View where we met some people and I wasn't allowed to buy my own drinks, and then to Cubes where we met some people and I wasn't allowed to buy my own drinks and we danced the whole night away!

I was drunk and I didn't spend a penny! At cubes my coat was stored for free because it was my birthday and Paul is awesome and Abbie paid me in! I bought my own drunken food tho! Had to spend *some* money! lol

I got in at 4 and Byran called me at 10 to make sure I was up and about! Good job too since I hadn't set my alarm! Got breakfast with the awesome, hungover Chloe (from work) and then headed up to the Magna Carter to await the PA, ran into Dave and Mike on the way, and they joined us at the top of the hill!


Sam arrived about half an hour after I did, and then we ran an extension lead into the pub to power the PA (go spend money at the Magna Carta - they're nice). By the time everything was set up people started arriving and we ordered Sam to busk a bit so there was something going on.

Sam did good. Songs about equality and changing times ect. and general cheese like the Time Warp and the Hokey Cokey! People were paying attention and personally "Imagine there's no Karl McCartney" was just a little bit awesome! Since he (our local MP) voted against the bill!


Obviously  for I'm A Believer I had to pick Helen up so she could sing harmonies...and because it's funny! It's been a fantastic day! I'm just about ready to drop! Best birthday weekend ever!


 Photos by: Dave Gurnish

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