Thursday, 7 February 2013

So You Think You Have Fangirls?

Awesome, right?

Wrong. Trust me on this, the novelty will wear off, fangirl's are like clingy jealous ex-girlfriends, except (for the most part) you didn't even get to have sex with them... Keep it that way - you know what they say about sticking your dick in crazy.....

**this applies to fangirls and fanboi's

Working on I've seen a few crazies, there's the lesser nutters, there's the really really stupid ones and then there's the dangerous ones. Our site manager was attacked once. And John Lennon's killer was basically a fanboi.

Lesser Nutters

These aren't really that bad, let's face it. These are the ones who write fan fiction about you having sex with either them, members of your band, or members of other bands. The can evolve though, give them enough growing space and they will turn into...

The Really Really Stupid Ones

these guys will aim to win over your love by annoying every sane fan in existence. The will spout confessions on forums and fan pages... god forbid they get hold of your contact details... they will be come creepy stalkers at the drop of the hat.

These guys will hate any significant other you have.. purely on principle

The Dangerous Ones

I can't even comprehend how these people come into existence. Some fangirls are totally psychotic - these are the people who will send death threats to your significant others and harass your family. These are the ones you really - really need to keep away.

How to Keep Some Personal Space

You need an online presence in this day and age, but that doesn't mean you have to mix your personal and work profiles. The best advise I can think of off the top of my head are:

  1. Make a fan page: No personal information, Nothing about relationships, Business only. On this you might want to turn PM's off - this way you have to deal with much fewer proposals and requests for dirty underwear (this has happened, unfortunately)
  2. If you want fan's to know something about your day-to-day life, keep a blog! Like this one... but probably more regularly updated and a little bit less random.
  3. Never give fans your number after gigs, you won't always be able to tell who's crazy and who isn't. And you really, really don't want to make a fangirl feel special... that just makes them worse.
  4. Keep personal email addresses and other contact details (especially your address) off of the internet - you don't want this information Google-able

Once the fan girls start they're not going to stop, they are really useful in that they're very easy to milk for money! And they are (usually) pretty loyal fans, and some of them will calm down and turn into normal people.

 They kinda come with the territory for musicians - and it's kinda nice to know that you're obviously doing something right! But don't let your ego block your good reason.

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