Monday, 8 April 2013

The Internet and Sexuality


Me and Sam went to Asda today, he asked me if I'd insulted his sexual prowess on this blog.....erm....I don't think I did...Why would I do that? Anyway... What really amuses me is that he waited to ask me rather than just... I don't know... check my blog? Still, it's a funny thought.

 Actual Blog Post

Sometimes, well most times, the internet really irritates me. Most of what irritates me is lame ass trolling. People saying things that they (most likely) don't really believe to incite a reaction. The reason this irritates me is that they are using issues, and view points that are very real within society.

One thing that comes up fairly often is sexuality, mostly the whole "Fag should be shot on sight" bullshit. I actually find it baffling that, not only do people say these things, some of them truly believe it.

But if you widen your gaze you see lesser examples of bigotry in places you wouldn't expect to see it. Gay-bashing has fallen completely out of vogue really, people know that it's the "wrong" opinion to have. What seems to be more prevalent is Biphobia, from both sides of the fence.

They're just not fussy / Any hole's a goal

Just because a person is attracted to both men and women doesn't mean that they're attracted to every man and every woman. Just because you find out your friend is gay doesn't mean he fancies you, same logic here please.

Pick a side / Make your mind up 

Wait.. what?... sexuality isn't a choice....that's pretty much all I have to say here. This is even more frustrating when gay people say it. Seriously?! Think about it.

You must be easy / You must be a slut

A lot of people will also come to this conclusion if you mention "I like sex" or "sex is fun", especially if you're a girl. To be honest the idea of someone being "easy" or a "slut" is just ludicrous to me. Slut would be a term I'd reserve for serial cheaters, other than that... what does it matter if you enjoy casual sex or not? As long as you're careful about it. Sex isn't the be-all and end-all, I feel that the ideas we have about sex stem quite strongly from religion.

Sex isn't the end of the world, nor is it the most sacred and wonderful thing in it....

Dung Beetles have sex

S/he's going to end up cheating on you with a wo/man

Oh..ho this is my favourite/most hated one. Possibly the most important one, because people feel like they can't be in a relationship with bisexual people because of it. Seriously people, grow up!

Just...what the fuck?! How is any of this acceptable? Thinking that a Bisexual person is going to cheat on their partner is just as irrational as being afraid of every gay guy hitting on you. Just because you're attracted to both sides doesn't necessarily mean that you need both of them. Bi or not, chances are you will see someone and think "Phwar" at some point while you're in a relationship, being committed to and loving someone doesn't stop your eyes working.

I suppose the logic is that there's a wider pool of temptation, but that really does depend on just how "fussy" the person is, one might me fussier with men than women, for example, or have a total thing for gingers. (ahem) If you think about it, a Bisexual person who only likes gingers is going to meet fewer 'temptations' than a straight/gay person who likes blonds or brunettes.

Dude! Your girlfriend is bisexual? Threesome! 

Okay... I can see the logic here, but being bisexual doesn't mean you're going to up for sharing, especially in a relationship. We (as people) are usually quite jealous when it comes to guarding our mates. Especially women - that's just evolution, it's in the woman's best interest to make sure her 'mate' sticks around to help provide for the offspring.

However, if everyone's up for it... fuck yea! You might get a threesome. But I'd always worry if seeing my partner having sex with someone else wouldn't destroy our relationship.

For me, it probably would. I don't play well with others

So.... that was a rant... here's a happy bunny

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  1. Absolutely agreed. Thank you for posting this; I'm happy someone else holds the same opinion :))