Thursday, 30 May 2013

Lincolnshire is Rural ....

... and so sometimes it acts rural. And that makes me sad.

Lincoln has a Mosque, it holds 60 people... and can not adequately cater for the part of society it serves. We've got loads of churches, most of which I'm willing to bet spend most of their time empty.

Honestly... there's a stupid number of churches, but maybe city/town centres are always like that? I'm used to the suburbs.

There are plans to build a bigger mosque in Lincoln and a group called The East Anglia Patriots (EAP) aren't very happy about it! This group is an EDL-type far-right racist group, and they're planning a protest about this mosque on the 8th of June.

A protest.

About a mosque.

I...just...what? Really? What ... oh god... they have posters.

For a start...this is a terrible poster. Far too much text. Amateurs. 

Their facebook event claims to have 322 people planning on attending their march. These people seem to be in outrage that there might be a bit of tax money (though gift aid donations) going into the building of this mosque... Muslims pay  tax too, muslims are likely to donate to the building of a mosque, some of their tax money might help them out.

How horrific. 

People like this make me hate humanity. They use the most recent terrorist attacks (because everyone seems to have forgotten that not long ago Irish Catholics were blowing shit up) to justify their hate of everything that they don't feel is "English"...really... we're the most bastardised nationality their is! What with trade, and invasions... it doesn't matter how far back your English family goes, someone down the line fucked a sailor, or was raped by a viking. 

This page is depressing

There's a counter demo planned and I hope to see more people there than at this racist rubbish! Info here.

In other news....old poem from facebook for you! Semi topic appropriate:-


Standing alone amidst those falling stars
he took his time to reflect on his battle scars
the rivers ran red in his tortured mind.
A disillusioned soldier crying on the battlefield.
The lessons learned turned to lies
blind faith; a thorn in his eye.
The crusader turned from the cross,
drowning in the blood he'd spilled,
deafened by their cries.
Faceless infidels, the children falling across the sword
their flesh cut like swine
in God's holy name.
Righteous invaders.
Rape and pillage.
Raiders in priests' disguise.
A sure ticket to paradise
liberate the holy land
anoint the cross with blood.
Fight. Not for honour, life, love or country
fight for faith.
Kill in His most merciful name.
Do not question your generals
Do not doubt their justice
Do not doubt their right
For theirs is the way of God
and you lowly peasant soldier will do their dirty work.

Howling amidst those falling stars
he cast his cross into the blood
and buried it in a crimson flood.

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