Saturday, 27 July 2013

A letter to my MP - Karl McCartney

First of all I would like to advise you that this contact form is difficult to find on your website. Perhaps a simple "Contact" tab on the main menu bar would be advisable to make it easier for your constituents to get in touch.

My purpose in writing to you is to raise my concerns over the government's plans to censor the internet, an activity most notably associated with China and North Korea. I find the plans to block pornography both unnecessary and alarming. Unnecessary because a simple Google search will reveal a plethora of freeware that will filter such content, without the need to allow the government to implement systems that allow them to control our internet use.

I personally find the prime ministers concerns about children being harmed by seeing pornography absurd. The only reason for a child to seek out pornography is that we, as a society, have made it taboo and exciting. I feel the prime minister is perpetuating an unhealthy attitude towards sex, too many people see sex as something to be ashamed of.

The reason I find the plans worrying is the resent scandal regarding PRISM and the fact that a few months ago Facebook was filtering links to blogs critisising the government, as spam. I see no reason for a US based social network to care so much about our NHS unless someone asked them extremely nicely. A grim picture is being painted around us here.

Overall I don't trust this government, or any future government, with the power to censor our internet. I would like for these plans be scrapped, or at the very least a referendum to be called on the matter, after all - this will affect every household in the country and we are living in a democracy.

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