Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Is populated solely by the over 60's and under 15's....

But what on earth am I doing in Spilsby?! Well right now I'm sat in my office writing a blog post... I'm not entirely sure if this is work of procrastination.

Yea that's right - office.

I have an office (and an email address) and I put a company name at the end of emails now. Yep. I'm kinda working...and maybe I'll have a real job at the end of this "let's see if we can make money" week.

I've dived into the deep end of promotions (something entirely new to me) for Long Haired Music and specifically The Breakfast Club's new album Live at Long Haired Music. This week I'm staying at the Studio while I learn the ropes and hopefully me and Rob make some money! I spent most of Monday and Tuesday compiling a list of e-mail addresses and letter templates for press releases, spent most of today sending them out... and will probably spend a good portion of tomorrow learning how to use some software that'll make that whole precess much easier and faster. 

I'm hoping it works like Mail Merge in Access .... because changing names ect by had was tedious and time consuming!

See? I don't look happy do I?

It's really cool in the church (where the studio lives) anyone would think it hadn't been suffocatingly hot the last few weeks.....I've slept like a baby! Best sleep I've had all summer... except for the lack of bed time cuddles (yea, I know, I'm pathetic) I've kinda gotten used to having Zack around to pester - I even miss LP!

Who'd have thunk it? House mates I actually miss when I'm away! Haha

Anyway - I should get back to work!

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