Monday, 22 July 2013

The Priminisiter Might Be A Parent

But that doesn't give him the right to dictate parental internet controls on the whole country.

Online pornography to be blocked by default, PM announces - BBC

I will admit, I hadn't even finished reading the headline when my blood began to boil. This is just another continuation of the weird attitude we, as a society, have towards sex. Let's face it, as children, whenever a kissing or sex scene came on the TV we went "eew" sex is gross - if it wasn't for puberty, hormones and the fact that it's highly enjoyable we wouldn't have it at all.

Children aren't actively seeking pornography, and if they are it's because we've made it taboo and exciting. Sex isn't dirty or embarrassing, you see animals having sex on the discovery channel all day long, but when it comes to human intercourse we have this notion that knowing about it would end your childhood. It wouldn't.

Anyway I digress. Why is the government enforcing parental controls on the internet? (that children can get around by using a proxie) Why is it their business which households watch porn? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that a lot of parents will opt out of this because they want to watch porn. There's a lot of software, and freeware out there for this sort of thing - so why are the government getting involved in controlling our internet usage.

This really is a poorly timed attack on the most vast source of information out there. Earlier in the year we found Facebook marking blogs addressing the government's plans for the NHS as spam, then we hear about the goverment allowing the NSA all of our information - including information we'd rather our own goverment would keep their noses out of. Now this?

1984 was meant to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

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