Thursday, 26 September 2013

In Responce ...

to Ed Vaizey's thought provoking letter I have sent another to my MP, I hope it doesn't that the best part of 2 months for me to receive a reply this time! I also hope the response is of better quality.

Dear Mr McCartney,
Thank you for taking the time to forward Mr Vaizey's letter.
I found his letter extremely unsatisfactory - and would appreciate it if you could ask that at least a single point form my original correspondence could actually be addressed.
I would also like to reiterate my point that  there is a plethora of freeware available to parents to filter content for their children. This is better than the governments proposed plans for a number of reasons, including the fact that parents can then tailor their control of the household internet to their own views. Another advantage is that if adults and older teenagers want to watch porn (or view any other material being restricted by the filter) then they merely have to enter a password.
Further more, you may vouch for the good intentions of the current government - but you can not see the future. You can not know how this system could be manipulated in the future.

Filtering the internet is the same as taking information out of public libraries. No government has banned Erotica from the library - any child can pick up one of those books. I checked out books containing graphic sex scenes from the library at the age of 14.
The internet is a far greater source of information than libraries. As it is much more easily accessible. If we allow our government to filter this information as they see fit what is to stop some future government from blocking everything but pro government propaganda?
At best this filter is shortsighted. At worst it is malicious.
If this is something the government believes the people of this country want and need for their children then put it to referendum. Let democracy decide.

Yours Sincerely
    Miss Elizabeth Lowe

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