Monday, 24 February 2014

Our Modern Aristocrasy

If this gets any sort of attention I'll probably end up on a list somewhere. But I think I need to share the conclusion I've drawn looking at how broken modern politics is.

Democracy is dead. I don't think I have seen it in my lifetime, I'm not sure if it ever really existed.

True democracy and party politics just aren't compatible and - to quot Doctor Horrible - The 'disguise is SLIPPING'. I would love to believe that we could campaign to end party politics or change the system in anyway at all through democratic means - but I can't see anyway it could work.

Imagine - no party line to tread. No part whips. Voting according to you, or your constituents views.

Imagine - how hard it would be for industry leaders to hold sway over hundreds of individuals, rather than a couple of parties.

Imagine - voting for an MP who represents your interests, rather than against a PARTY you don't like. A system where voting independent doesn't fuck you over.

It's a terrible system so:

Why Haven't We Risen Against It?

Propaganda - yay!

Right now the middle classes are too busy being told the lower classes are evil for needing finical aid, it's the poor who cause all of you issues, they're the reason we have to be so harsh on services ect. They're just lazy, layabouts and I bet most of them don't even need the money. Sponges.

At the same time the poor are made to feel bitter towards the middle classes because they are mocked, demonized and generally persecuted for being poor.

And the rich people? The upper class - we'' they're the ones running the news station, and paying for election campaigns and just generally pulling the strings.

It's not sustainable, something's got to give - I just hope the aftermath will be worth the cost and that I'm not alive to see the storm we're heading for.

Because sooner or later more people are going to realize they're being played off against each other - keeping us busy so we don't start asking the difficult questions. And when that starts it's just a question of whether or not our government will turn the military on The People. Either way, things would change for better, or for much, much worse.

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