Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Nightwish - Wembley Arena 2015

After seeing The Independents lazy review, I decided to write one of my own.

Many fans were dissapointed when Nightwish announced they'd only be doing 1 UK show on their European tour, but by playing that show at the SSE Wembley Arena they were finally able to bring their full production to the country!

The fans knew what to expect from the band: we expected them to be tight (not because of the click tracks, but because they're a fantastic group of musicians) we expected Floor to blow us away, but somehow they still managed to rise above and beyond our high expectations.

But before we get into the main event, let's first take a look at the support. Amorphis and Arch Enemy to me seem an odd combination to support Nightwish since they are both very different to Nightiwsh.

Never the less both bands (though not really to my taste) put on good performances. I'll give a special mention here to Arch Enemy's singer for being a truly entertaining lunatic jumping around that stage!

When the curtain came down after Arch Enemy's set, about 12500 people stood and sat round impatiently for the Nightwish crew to transform the stage ready for Nightwish. The anticipation in the Arena was a tangible, electric thing. I can only imagine how the band must have felt waiting the greet Wembley for the first time!

When at last the stage was revealed and the show began in earnest the whole room exploded into pure energy, which is something singer Floor Jansen seems to feed from, Shudder Before The Beautiful was performed better, even, than the studio version! It was a fantastic way to start the show.

To then announce to the audience that the show was being filmed just blew us away!

I'm not going to do a breakdown of the set list (which can be found here) but you should know that every song on it was absolutely perfect, and that there were a few surprises in there too! I for one never expected to see The Poet and The Pendulum on the same set list as Ghost Love Score, the that's Nightwish, they like to surprise you!

One thing I will say is that Floor just continues to impress, frankly the beauty and versitility of her voice is completely unfair! No one should be able to hit the lovely high clean notes she does in Poet and the Pendulum, Stargazers, and Ghost Love Score and also be able to produce that dark dirty growling on Yours Is An Empty Hope - Floor has far too much talent for one person and leaves Nightwish open to do whatever the hell they want!

I find Troy's vocals are also a welcome introduction to the band and the 2 of them with the legend that is Marco Hietala are a powerhouse not to be taken lightly.

Nightwish is a band that just keeps on evolving, when I left Wembley Arena I was sure I would never see a show to top this one - now I'm not so sure, because Nightwish always surprises you.

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